Free Hearing Tests

We provide a free comprehensive audiological hearing test and free consultation to all our potential clients which helps assess your hearing levels.

Hearing Aids

We offer only the most modern manufacturer branded hearing aids from the biggest global manufacturers. We also repair all makes and models of hearing aids.We also provide all makes and models of hearing aids for example: IIC’s (Invisible in the Canals), CIC’s (Completely in the Canals), ITC’s (In the Canals), ITE’s (In the Ears), BTE’s (BehInd the Ears), RIC’s (Receiver in the Canals)

Mobile Apps

Stream phonecalls directly from your apple smartphone or android smartphone to your hearing aids for complete convenience. Listen to your favourite music streamed directly into your hearing aid from your apple or android device. With streamline TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. Remote Control – The My Control App lets you change settings remotely and personalise your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences.

Tinnitus Management

Unfortunately tinnitus can’t be cured, but it can be treated. We undertake tinnitus assessments and treatment using the latest processes.

Speech Testing

This group of tests is plotted on our system which allows us to assess the impact that your hearing loss is having on your understanding of speech sounds. It helps to answers the question of whether or not hearing sensitivity is within normal range, or if there is a hearing loss or hearing sensitivity that is outside of the range of normal. The test results are also used as a tool to reveal exactly how your loss is affecting your understanding of speech in both quiet and noisy situations. This test and the rest of the group of tests also give us information toward a diagnosis of ear abnormalities. This test is also an excellent tool for assisting us in the recommendation of suitable hearing aids because it allows us to define the sounds in speech that you have most difficulty with.


This test measures how well your middle ear works. Your middle ear includes your ear drum, the middle ear bones, and your eustachian tube. It will reveal abnormalities which will signify and can explain a conductive hearing loss and/or a sensation of pressure in the ear.

Real Ear Measurements

The term Real Ear Measurement (REM) is used by Audiologists to cover a range of different measurements of the real ear acoustical characteristics of hearing aids. In clinical audiology the purpose of Real Ear Measurements is to compare and verify the real ear acoustical characteristics of a hearing aid with prescription targets. Simplify the (REM) is used to verify that the aid is giving the best possible amplification to fit the patients hearing loss.

Musicians Ear Plug & Ear Protection

When you are a musician, your hearing is precious and protection is far better than treatment. We offer the best in custom fit hearing protection.

Ear Wax

The build up of ear wax can cause a muffled sound. We provide home kits to remove this or if the client prefers, we can safely remove the build up of ear wax at our clinics

Free Aftercare

All our clients can be guaranteed free aftercare for the life of their hearing aid.